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 clarabells's cattelog

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PostSubject: clarabells's cattelog   clarabells's cattelog Icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2011 12:13 am

Every Toon receives a new cattlelog weekly.
When you receive a new catalog, Clarabelle informs what edition has arrived.

Every issue contains the Garden Supplies and the standard Name tags.
It includes a piece of clothing and Speedchat Phrases as well.
In addition, Series 1-4 contains different wallpapers, wainscoting, mouldings and floorings.
These are assigned randomly, every Toon receives a different selection.
On special occasions, the cattlelog is supplemented by seasonal items.

A normal catalog series includes 13 issues.
An exception is Series 5 (Big Sale) with five issues and Series 6 (Candy) with eight issues.
The first cycle contains seven series.

This results in a total number of 78 cattlelogs.
After that, the first repetition starts with Series 8 (like Series 1)
If you pick up your catalog regularly it will take 1.5 years to receive every issue.

Sometimes it happens that an issue will be skipped.

First the toon sees a message like "Cattlelog #5 has arrived" after login.
When jumping to the estate the message changes to "Cattlelog #6 has arrived".
In that case #5 has been skipped.

In the repetitions, there are some peculiarities.
Furniture, "Acting Lessons" or "Name tags", nothing goes to the backorder pages.
If you want to give away something or you want to test a new Name tag, you need to do it immediately.
The items disappears in the following week.
From the second repetition (Series 14 and later), only a few wallpapers, floorings, wainscoting and mouldings from Series 3 and 4 are leftover.
An example for a "normal" backorder section after the first repetition:

The repetitions contain only six series with 13 issues per series. But it's also a total number of 78 catalog issues.
The reason is an offset in series 12.
Series 12 starts with the repetition of Series 5 (Big Sale). Afterwards starts the repetition of Series 6 (Candy) in 12#6.
From that date on the title cover does not fit the content.
After the "Big Sale" the cover will be shifted with each repetition cycle.

First offset: "Big Sale" on the cover sheet but "Candy" inside:

Second offset: "Candy" on the cover sheet but starting series inside:

Help request!
There are some large images in the cattlelog guides. I would like to replace those images.
So I'm looking for catalog issues without special catalog items.
If you would like to help, please send me the screenshots of the cover sheet and the new section.
Preferably window mode 800x600, please.
Looking for these cattlelogs:
4#2, 4#3, 4#5, (5#1), 6#2, 6#4, 7#1, 7#5, 7#6, 7#7,
9#10, 10#12, 11#2, 11#8, (11#10), 11#12, 12#5,
14#5, 14#8, 14#9, 15#4, 15#5, 16#4, 16#7

The cattlelog guide contains a lot of images. Maybe I will remove some.


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clarabells's cattelog
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