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The Guide to Toontown Gags

Cogs simply can’t take a joke! While you might explode with laughter while aiming a squirt flower at a cog, he will eventually explode into little pieces of metal. As a toon, your duty is to make Toontown safe again and at your disposal you have a set of gags from 7 different gagtracks: Toon-Up, Trap, Lure, Sound, Throw, Squirt and Drop.

Your toon will not be able to pick all the gagtracks so you will have to carefully select which 6 you prefer. In reality you only have 4 tracks to chose from, since Throw and Squirt are automatically given to you from the start.

One important thing to note is that when you are in the same battle as other toons, there is a specific order in what gag will attack first. It’s the same as the top-to-bottom order in your gag selection window (and also the order I’ve chosen to explain the different tracks in this guide), so it should be easy to remember. It is important to know the order of the attack so you can make the most of your selections in a battle and avoid mistakes. If, for instance, you and another player are in a battle and he decides to lure the cogs and you decide to sound, you will wake the lured cogs since sound comes after lure in battle. A mistake like that could result in both of you ending up sad at the playground.

The Basics

As I mentioned before, you are automatically given the Throw and Squirt gagtracks when you start the game. As you progress through the different playgrounds, you will get missions to train for additional gagtracks. When you select to train for a gagtrack, you have to learn it piece by piece by doing missions which reward you with an animation piece for your chosen gagtrack. Each gagtrack needs 16 animation frames to be completed before you can start using the first level gag in the track. By opening your shticker book, you can see how many animation frames you have collected. The final animation frame won’t be available to you until you have completed the other 15 pieces and involves a series of tasks that your toon will have to perform to earn his reward.

To check how many gags you have in inventory, or to check on your progress towards getting to the next level in a gagtrack, you can either click on your Shticker book and look at the gags page or press the HOME key on your keyboard. If you hover your mouse pointer over a specific gag on this screen, you can see additional information about the gag’s accuracy, damage and how many you can carry. On this screen, you can also see how many jellybeans you have on you. Note that you may very well have more jellybeans than you can see on this page since it doesn’t show you how many beans you have in your jellybean bank at home. If you want to buy more gags there is a gagshop in every playground where you can fill up your inventory. A gag costs 1 jellybean regardless of what level the gag is. If you lose a battle with the cogs, you will lose all your laffpoints and all the gags you have in your inventory.

Since you can’t learn all the gagtracks, you might be wondering which ones are the most useful to you. There is no simple answer to this so lets take a look at each gagtrack and see what they have to offer you:


At the first playground (Toontown Central) you will have to make a choice between Toon-Up and Sound. The one you don’t pick will become available to you again in a later playground (Minnies Melodyland), so don’t worry.

You use Toon-Up to heal other toons. Note that you can’t heal yourself with toon-up, but keeping your teammates alive can be important for your own survival. In the toon-up track there are gags that heal a single toon as well as gags that heal a group of toons. It takes a long time to level up Toon-Up since you can only use it when others are hurt. It has a medium accuracy but at its lower levels it will tend to fail more often than it hits. Even a failed toon-up will give your target some laff, though it won’t give you any experience. A failed toon-up is indicated by the toon your healing only laughing one time (“ha” or “heh”).

When multiple toons choose the same gag, they will usually hit at the same time in battle. Toon-up is the exception to this. When multiple toons choose toon-up, the one with the weakest toon-up gag will use his first. If everyone is using the same level toon-up it will go from right to left (based on gag selection screen). If all the toons are already healed, by the time you get to use your toon-up, you may receive any experience. Gaining experience is also dependant on the level of the cogs you are fighting. If you try to use the highest level of toon-up when you’re fighting cogs that are lower than level six, you won’t get any experience, even if your teammates are healed. The max level toon-up, juggling balls, heal up to 120 laff points.

Not having toon-up does make the game harder, since some players will be hesitant to go with you into battle. Since most players do have toon-up, you can survive without it, though. You can also compensate for your lack of toon-up by owning and training a doodle to heal for you. Just be aware of the fact that some will stink you for not being able to heal and you might have a harder time in elevator shuffles since some will try to shuffle you out.


Trap becomes available to you for the first time in Minnies Melodyland (the 4th playground). The gag is dependant on someone luring the cogs. To use trap, you have to lay down a trap in front of a selected cog and then lure it. This makes it hard to use the gag when you’re in battle alone, since you will have to first lay down your trap then take a hit from the cogs before you can lure. If lure doesn’t miss, you are guaranteed that trap will work. It has a perfect accuracy and it also seems to help lure miss less often.

Only one trap can be placed in front of a cog. If you try to lay down two traps they will cancel each other out, so be careful if you have more than one trapper in your team that you don’t both aim for the same cog. A maxed trap gives you TNT which is the strongest gag in the game and will do 180 damage, effectively killing a level 11 cog in one shot. In all other gagtracks you get 3 of the level six gag and 7 of the level 5, but in trap you only get 2 TNTs and 5 trap doors, so save them for when it really counts.

Leveling up Trap is hard on your own, but since lure is a common strategy used in battle you can level it up pretty fast. You want to be careful about making people angry at you for using a banana peel on a level 12 cog though. Make sure that your team won’t get hurt by you wanting to level up your trap fast. Having trap becomes very useful once you start battling the higher level cogs.


You will be able to pick up Lure for the first time in Donald’s Dock. Luring a cog means you freeze a cog for 2-4 turns in battle, depending on the level of the gag. During this frozen state the cog won’t be able to attack. Attacking a lured cog will wake it up again, so you want to make sure that you kill the cog you’re aiming for – or if that is impossible to only wake up one cog again at a time. There are gags that lure a single cog as well as group lures.

The lower level lures have a very low accuracy making it harder to level up. Using a trap will help your lure hit better. You have a better chance at luring a level 12 cog with the max group lure than you do with a lower level one. It also seems like group lure and single lure are separate from each other, meaning if one member of your team uses a group lure that fails you can still successfully hit with a single lure at the same time.

You won’t gain any experience at all from luring if no attacks have been made on the cogs before they wake by themselves. If you single lure a cog, you have to attack him before he wakes up by himself. If you lure a group you only have to make sure that one cog in the group gets attacked for it to count.

You can’t use drop on a lured cog unless someone wakes that cog up first by attacking. The reason you can’t hit with drop is that a lured cog takes a step forward when being lured and the drop gag will hit behind the cog instead of on top of him. You also can’t trap a cog that is already lured. All other gags will always hit a lured cog since he won’t be awake and aware of you attacking him. There is one exception though. If not all the cogs are lured your sound can on rare occasions miss. If your sound misses it won’t wake the cogs up – since they didn’t hear it!

Luring is a good strategy to use when you can’t kill all cogs at once. If it hits you are making sure that you won’t be attacked by the cogs. Also, if lure hits you are sure that any attack on the lured cog will hit. This makes lure essential when soloing buildings, especially since you can’t heal yourself unless you have a well-trained doodle. Luring is also a very good strategy when having members in your team with low laffpoints since you can lower the risk of them being attacked by multiple cogs at once – sending them to the playground sad.

Another advantage to luring a cog is that you can get a lure bonus on attacks. Throw and squirt give 50% more damage when used on a lured cog. The lure bonus is not a guarantee, but it will work most of the time.


You are first offered to train for sound in Toontown Central. Sound is a group attack and will therefore damage all the cogs at once. It has a high accuracy and as you gain experience it will miss very rarely. The damage of sound is not very high when sounding alone and is best used with a team. The maxed level foghorn gives 50 damage which may sound very low. But if you have a team of players where 1 uses a foghorn and the other 3 elephant trunk you can kill off 4 level 10 cogs with one soundblast. That makes sound a very powerful gag to have. It’s faster than having to kill them one by one and it takes a lot less gags to get through buildings.

Sound is used frequently in the game. In the boss fights, factories, mints and offices you will find that most toons are used to being able to sound their way through a lot of the battles. Trying to get on the elevator without sound is very hard since many will shuffle you out. It is possible to get through the game without sound, but it is indeed a challenge and you will discover that some get very upset when you don’t have it. But if you’re looking for a challenge and don’t mind being stinked it could be fun.

One thing you should be careful with is that you don’t use sound when someone is luring. This will wake all the cogs up at once, possibly causing your team a lot of damage. There are of course always exceptions to this. There are instances where sounding lured cogs is perfectly fine like when you actually want to wake them up again giving your teammates an opportunity to each use a drop gag on the cogs.


During the tutorial steps of the game this gag track is automatically given to you. It has a medium accuracy but as you level it up you will find that it misses less often. You can only hit one cog at a time with a throw gag. Since all toons have throw, you will find that it is used quite often. With a maxed birthday cake, you do 100 damage and can kill an unlured level 8 cog on your own. Using throw on a lured cog can also give you a lure bonus making it 50% more powerful. That means you can sometimes kill a lured level 10 by yourself.

Since everyone has throw, you will see it used a lot in battle. In the beginning of the game it is very tempting to use squirt a lot more than throw since squirt is more accurate. However, as your cake gets better you may want to start using it more since once you reach Minnies Melodyland you will receive a task from “Tom Tom’s Drums” to deliver a Whole Cream Pie (level 5 gag) to a toon.


Squirt is also given to you during the tutorial steps of the game. Its has a higher accuracy than throw but also does less damage. The max level rain cloud gives 80 damage and will kill an unlured level 7 cog. Like with throw you can get a 50% lure bonus making it possible to kill a level 9 cog by yourself.

You will see squirt used a lot in battle too, but since it is weaker than throw, it will very often be used in combination with other other gags. One much used strategy is to squirt in an attempt to stun a cog so that a drop gag has a higher chance of hitting. It is often also used to kill the lower level cogs so that you can save the throws for the higher levels.


You are first offered to train for the drop track in Donald’s Dock. You can only attack one cog at a time with drop and since it is the last gag to be used in a battle it can sometimes be hard to level it up since you depend on the cog you’re aiming for not having been killed first by players using other gags. At its early stages it tends to miss more often than it hits, making it frustrating to work up. However, once you have made it past the first few levels it starts getting more accurate and a maxed piano does 170 damage, making it possible to kill a level 11 cog on your own.

Your drop has a higher chance of hitting if someone stuns your cog first by attacking it with some other gag. Generally, people will use squirt to stun a cog, but you can stun with throw and sound too. As I explained above, you can’t hit a lured cog with drop unless someone wakes the cog for you first.

So, what Gags do I pick?

It is very hard to give a good answer to this question as it really depends on how you prefer to play the game. If you want to play it safe, and avoid being stinkied by other players and shuffled off the elevators, you will make sure you learn sound, lure and toon-up and then selecting either trap or drop as your last gagtrack. However if you want a more challenging experience and want to follow your heart when picking your gags, any combination of gags is possible. It can definitely be more rewarding on a personal level to go your own way. It is possible to survive no matter what gags you choose.

Gags and Teamwork

One of the most important things in Toontown is teamwork. If you and your fellow partners work together in battle, you are more likely to win, no matter how low your lafflevel is. The first thing to have in mind is that there is a 20% damage bonus on your attack when using an attack from the same gagtrack as another player in your team. This damage bonus only works when you are aiming for the same cog! In battle, there is an advantage in working together by selecting the same type of attack and aiming for the same cogs. Knowing about the damage bonus could save you the use of your biggest gags so that you don’t run out of powerful gags too quickly.

There are some common strategies used in Toontown for battling cogs. Not everyone will know about these strategies since there are a lot of players that never read the forums or don’t have enough experience yet to have learned these strategies. But you might end up in a battle where you see these techniques used. I will give you a quick rundown on some of the strategies you will find:

Lure left, kill right – This strategy is commonly used for the VP fight if you go with the CCG (Cold Callers Guild). The strategy works well for keeping lower level toons that don’t have a lot of laff, or toons that have very weak gags alive during battle. When the battle starts you use a group lure to try and lure all the 4 cogs so that they can’t attack you. Your team then all aim for the rightmost cog all through the battle while luring any new cogs that come in from the left. The reason you keep luring on the left is that by doing so you are preventing the arriving cog from attacking you and reducing the risk of being surprised by a cog waking up because you didn’t kill it before the lure stopped working on it. It is very easy to lose track of how long a cog has been in a lured state when not having a system for attack.

Lure and Trap – Trap makes Lure more reliable and therefore it can be very useful to have someone trap one of the cogs, while another does a group lure. The TNT can kill a level 11 cog if its maxed but not a level 12 cog. You should always back up a trapper with another attack when they are trapping a level 12 cog. Sometimes a trapper will let you know that they need help by saying “can you help me?” when trapping. That indicates that the cog they are aiming for is not going to die and that you should back the attack up.

Sound – With sound you can take out a whole group of cogs at the same time. Sound is very commonly used in factories, mints and DA offices when players are running for merits, bux or notes. It speeds the runs up and also minimizes the risk of the players getting hurt when they can get rid of all cogs at once. A player might indicate to you that their reason for going into an elevator is to get merits, bux or notes by using speedchat. That generally means that they intend to do the run as fast as possible and kill all the cogs in there. If your intention is to gagcamp for anything else but sound, you might want toconsider going with other toons instead.

Healing – One common mistake in battle is being too eager to toon-up. It is true that keeping your team alive is important in order to survive. But not when the consequences might be that you just immediately get hurt again cause you failed to kill off a cog. Consider the timing of your heals so that they don’t conflict with other players choices. If another player has already chosen to do juggling balls to heal the team maybe you should put away your cane and either do a single toon heal on the juggler or kill one of the cogs? It all depends on how many cogs you are facing, the strength of your team and other variables of course. It is also custom to make sure that all the team members are healed at the end of the cog battles in VP, CFO and CJ so that they are going into the final boss battle all tooned up and ready for the battle. If not all members are healed you should therefore be careful about killing the last cog in the cog round before everyone has been tooned up.

Leveling up your Gags

To level up your gags you want to make sure that when using it you will gain experience. The first thing to remember is that if you are in battle with a level 1 cog and use a higher level gag to kill it you won’t get any experience for it at all. However, if you have a group of cogs against you, the experience will be judged by the highest level cog in the battle. That means if you are facing a level 1 cog at the same time as a level 2 cog you can use a a level 2 gag to kill off the level 1 cog before you kill the level 2 cog and get the experience.

One easy way to tell if you are going to gain experience or not is that if a gag is greyed out when you pick it – its not gonna give you any experience! By making sure to kill the lower level cogs first you can gain more experience from the battle than if you kill the high level cog first. However, if you have low laff you might want to consider killing the strongest one first so that you don’t get sent to the playground sad.

Buildings are good for leveling your gags faster. The skill credit for experience gets higher with every floor in the building. The higher the building, the more experience you can gain. However, if you don’t survive the building, you will lose all your gags (and any experience you gained in the building) and end up sad at the playground – so don’t get carried away and enter a building that is much too hard for you to survive. It is very tempting to use your biggest gag on the top floor since experience is higher there. However in some instances it might actually be more rewarding to use lower level gags on the top floor and slowly killing off a cog. Let’s say I am at the top of a level 3 building (where the credit is doubled) and am facing a level 8 cog (90 hitpoints). If I was to use a birthday cake (100 damage) to kill him in one hit I would gain 12 experience points, but if I killed slowly with a fruit pie slice (10 damage) it would take 9 hits resulting in 36 experience instead.

Invasions double your experience. If you are fighting cogs on the street you will get twice the experience very fast. If you do a building during an invasion you will get the advantage of the buildings experience + the invasion experience. You will gain double experience for any cog you engage during the invasion. When going into a factory, mint or a DA office in the busy district you might sometimes find that other toons want to wait for an invasion before the final battle so that they can get double merits, bux or notes. By using speedchat they might for example say “lets wait for my friend” or “I need more merits” to indicate to you that they want to wait.

You can team up with other players to gag camp or do solo gag camping. When you gag camp, you basically set out to work a certain gag even if a battle will take longer. This is not advisable in all situations. It can be very annoying for another player to find that you are working low level gags all through a building or factory in order to gain experience, instead of efficiently battling the cogs in order to finish fast. Know when to gag camp and when to be efficient! Here are some simple strategies for working specific gags:

Drop – since drop has higher chance of hitting when a cog is stunned first you could easily team up with someone who wants to work squirt, throw or sound. Your partner stuns the cog while you drop.

Trap – works really well when teaming up with someone who wants to work lure. Since lure has a better chance at hitting when trap is used, you both have a lot to gain from working together. You can also work up trap alone if you have lure. The only problem with this is that you will have to take hits from the cogs since you can’t both trap and lure in the same round. For working up the first few levels of trap this could be a good strategy though, if you have the laffpoints to survive it.

Lure – is best combined with working either trap or sound. With trap you get a higher rate of success in luring and with sound you get an instant wake up call making it possible for you to lure again. However if you are faced with big cogs you might want to kill off a few first and leave the strongest one to sound/lure to death.

Toon-up – you can’t gag camp this alone since you can’t heal yourself. Going into battle and letting the cogs hit you without attacking them back until you run out of heals is one strategy. In factory you can always make sure you get hit by the lights from the goons or stand under the stompers to take a hit leaving yourself wounded for your partner to heal you.

Sound – doing a lot of factory rounds with a partner or two is a good way to work up sound. There is a sound barrel in the factory making it possible to fill your supply, too. Another strategy is to team up with a partner who wants to work lure and wake up the cogs for him. Since sound comes before throw, squirt and drop in battles you can use sound even if nobody else on your team is using it. Be careful if you choose to do this though. You could get stinkied for putting the team in danger by insisting on using sound when its not appropriate or for robbing others of their chance at getting experience in throw, squirt or drop if they already had it selected before you made your choice.

Use your arsenal of gags to battle the Cogs and make them fall apart with laughter! There are seven types - or Tracks - of gags: Throw, Squirt, Toon-Up, Sound, Drop, Lure, and Trap, and all can be bought with jellybeans at Goofy's Gag Shop. When you start the game, you can carry up to 20 gags at a time. Certain Toontasks allow you to carry more, so look for those!

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Skill Points and Training
Want to get better at Cog-busting? Use your gags to earn skill points to unlock all of the gags in each of your Gag Tracks. Unlock new Gag Tracks through gag training.

Skill Points

You start Toontown with the Squirting Flower and Cupcake gags - the first gags in the Squirt and Throw Tracks. By battling Cogs, you'll earn skill points which are used to train new gags. You can see the amount of skill you'll earn for using each gag in your battle menu and on the gags page of your Shticker book. When you've earned enough skill points to unlock a new, more powerful gag, you can then use that gag to earn more skill points.

But watch out - if the gag you're using is too powerful for the Cogs you're battling, you won't get any skill points for using it. You can see this information on the right side of the battle menu display when you roll over any of your gags. Or simply choose from the gags with the blue background in the battle menu.

To make sure you always get skill points for using your gags, follow these basic rules.

Gag Level 1 (example: Squirting Flower) Use on Level 1 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 2 (example: Glass of Water) Use on Level 2 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 3 (example: Squirt Gun) Use on Level 3 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 4 (example: Seltzer Bottle) Use on Level 4 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 5 (example: Fire Hose) Use on Level 5 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 6 (example: Storm Cloud) Use on Level 6 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 7 (example: Geyser) Use on Level 7 and higher Cogs

You can earn skill points faster by taking over Cog buildings, because the amount is multiplied on higher floors:

Floor 1: x1.0
Floor 2: x1.5
Floor 3: x2.0
Floor 4: x2.5
Floor 5: x3.0

Skill points in street battles are doubled during Cog invasions. Also, if you are in a building during an invasion you get double skill points for the building. Plus, you can earn even greater multipliers in Cog HQs.

For example: If you use a Whole Cream Pie, normally worth five skill points, on the third floor of a building, you will receive 10 skill points. If there is also an invasion happening, you will get 20 skill points!


When Toon HQ thinks you're ready to start training for a new gag Track, they'll offer you a special ToonTask to get things started. Finish this task to prove you're ready for more!

When you've finished this task, you'll be able to choose the type of gag Track you want to train. Every Toon starts with Squirt and Throw, but from there the choice is yours. Choose wisely, because you can only learn six of the seven Tracks.

Choice 1: Sound or Toon-Up
Choice 2: Drop or Lure
Choice 3: Trap and (Sound or Toon-Up - whichever was not chosen first)
Choice 4: Whatever is left

Training for a new gag Track requires the completion of 15 ToonTasks. Each time you complete a gag training task, one of the film frame slots on the gag Track Training page of your Shticker Book is filled in. These tasks don't all come one after the other, so be patient! When you've completed all 15 tasks, you'll need to finish just one last ToonTask to earn your new type of gag!

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Every Toon starts with access to Throw gags. These deliver a good solid splat, and form the core of your gag arsenal.

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Every Toon also starts with access to Squirt gags. They are not quite as powerful as Throw gags but are much more accurate.

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Toon-Up gags let you fill other Toon's Laff meters in battle. These gags are especially important when you are working with other Toons and the Cogs are coming in waves! Some Toon-Up gags only affect one Toon (the battle menu will let you choose which Toon you want to help) -- other gags affect all Toons. Laff points for Toon-Up gags that affect all Toons are divided up among the Toons in the battle that need Laff points the most.

Toon Tip: Any Toons who only get a chuckle out of your Toon-up - expressed with a "tee-hee" - will not result in a successful Toon-up and will not yield any experience.

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Sound gags hit every Cog at once, but are not very powerful. Sound gags are just as accurate as Squirt gags - they rarely miss. Think twice before using a Sound gag on lured Cogs - it will wake them from their lured state!

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Drop gags are some of the most powerful gags in Toontown. Unfortunately, they are also the least accurate. You can make your chances of hitting a Cog with a Drop gag greater by stunning them first with another type of gag in the same attack. Naturally, you'll need another Toon to do this for you, so coordinate accordingly! Drop gags will always miss lured Cogs.

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Lure gags bring the Cogs closer to you. Why the heck would you want to do that?

You have to Lure a Cog to get it to fall for a Trap gag.
Squirt and Throw gags pack a bigger punch against lured Cogs - 20% more power!
Lured Cogs won't attack, unless they are woken up by a squirt, throw or sound gag.
Like the Toon-Up gags, some Lure gags only affect one Cog, while others affect all Cogs.

Lured Cogs won't stay lured forever, even if they aren't attacked. Eventually, they will reactivate and attack you!

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These are the only gags guaranteed to hit -- as long as you can lure a Cog into them. First, you must place the Trap gag, and then a Lure gag must be used by you or another Toon on the Cog successfully for the Trap to be sprung. You can't set a trap on a Cog that has already been lured, so make sure the trap has been set first! Because they are so powerful, you can't carry as many Trap gags as you can other types of gags.

Advanced Toons: Only use the Train Track gag if no other trap has been set otherwise both will be cancelled out.

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Level 7 Gags
Level 7 gags are the showstoppers, the heavy artillery, the big gag guns!

To unlock a Level 7 gag, you must max out your skill points on that particular gag track, currently set at 10,000. Unlike other gags, you can only carry one Level 7 gag per track at any given time. Level 7 gags cannot be purchased and may only be earned in one of two ways:

1. All additional gag track skill points accumulated past 10,000 will go towards earning a Level 7 gag. To earn one individual use of a Level 7 gag, you will need to accumulate an additional 500 skill points on that particular gag track. This is tracked by a backwards counter on your skill level meter, starting at 500. If you reach "0 to Go" while carrying that Level 7 gag, you will receive another once you use it in battle.

2. Planting a Level 7 gag tree. Click here for information on gag trees and Estate gardening.

Sellbots-Cold Caller, Telemarketer, Name Dropper, Gladhander, Mover&Shaker, Two-Face, The Mingler, and Mr. Hollywood

Cashbots-Short Change, Penny Pincher, Tightwad, Bean Counter, Number Cruncher, Money Bags, Loan Shark, and Robber Baron

Lawbots-Bottom Feeder, Bloodsucker, Double Talker, Ambulance Chaser, Backstabber, Spin Doctor, Legal Eagle, and BigWig

Bossbots-Flunky, Pencil Pusher, YesMan, Micromanager, Downsizer, Head Hunter, Corporate Raider, and The Big Cheese
-Toon-Up-Feather(10), Megaphone(18), Lipstick(30), Bamboo Cane(45), Pixie Dust(70), Juggling Balls(120), and High Dive(210)
-Trap-Banana Peel(12), Rake(20), Marbles(35), Quicksand(50), Trapdoor(70), and TNT(180), and Train Tracks(195)
-Lure-$1 Bill(2), Small Magnet(2), $5 Bill(3), Big Magnet(3), $10 Bill(4), Hypno Goggles(4), and Presentation(15)
-Sound-Bike Horn(3), Whistle(7), Bugle(11), Aoogah(16), Elephant Trunk(21), Foghorn(50), and Opera Voice(90)
-Throw-Cupcake(6), Fruit Pie Slice(10), Cream Pie Slice(17), Whole Fruit Pie(27), Whole Cream Pie(40), Birthday Cake(100), and Wedding Cake(120)
-Squirt-Squirting Flower(4), Glass of Water(Cool, Squirt Gun(12), Seltzer Bottle(21), Fire Hose(30), Storm Cloud(80), and Geyser(105)
-Drop-Flower Pot(10), Sandbag(18), Anvil(30), Big Weight(45), Safe(60), Grand Piano(170), and Toontanic/Ocean Liner(180)
Hoped it helped! Also, is Toontanic called Ocean Liner on the gag menu?
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