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Getting Started

Want to spruce up the lawn of your estate? Try gardening. Any toon can get started quickly. Just buy a gardening kit from the Cattlelog for a mere 50 beans. The kit will arrive in just a few seconds.

Once you have your gardening kit, you’ll note some new features on the estate.

Flower boxes appear around your house. There are enough for ten flowers. Two single flower buckets out front, two large flower boxes along the sides that can hold three each and one flower box in the back that can hold two flowers
Eight small mounds will be found around the vicinity of your house. Here you can plant trees. statue base for erecting a gardening statue. And the wheelbarrow in the sandy area of your estate. You will also see a new page in your Shticker book with four sections.

The Basket tab shows any flowers you have picked and their values (similar to the fishing bucket). It also shows your current shovel and watering skill level.
To plant a flower simply walk up to one of the small mounds in your flower box. A menu will appear in the upper left corner.Only certain jellybean combinations will produce a flower! At first, you can only choose one bean, but as you advance the number of beans needed grows. You are free to figure out the combinations on your own or visit our “spoiler page“. Warning: Doing it on own your own will soon get very tedious and expensive once you get up to 5 to 8 bean combinations.

Choose a bean combination. The Cancel button closes the window. The Reset button clears combination you entered. The Plant button makes your toon attempt to plant a flower with the combination chosen. If the combination is good, the toon will get a shovel and start digging. A tiny thirsty unbloomed plant appears.

If the combination was bad, you’ll get a message saying it didn’t produce a flower. The beans you used will be gone. So if you failed to produce a flower, you’ll never get those beans back.

The menu in the top left of your screen now changes. You can Remove the flower or Water it.Removing the flower will get rid of the flower and you receive no skill points. You will be free to plant another flower there.

A watered flower will bloom the next day.

Only the owner can plant flowers around his own house. Other toons living on the estate can only plant flowers around their own house.

Planting Trees

Before you plant a tree, you must understand what trees do. Trees are used to produce organic gags. They grow on the tree like fruit. These provide a +10% increase in damage rounding down or +1 at the least. For lure gags, it increases their accuracy. You can tell when you have organic gags when on your gag menu the number of gags you have is in bold white. The gag the tree produces is the gag you used to plant it. You don’t actually have to pick the gags off the tree to get the organic bonus. You can still buy your gags at the gag shop and receive the bonus. But if you do pick the gags, they will be for free. You can pick gags off your trees once a day. Picking gags off the tree is more useful for a level 7 gag tree. This means you can use a level 7 gag at least once a day if you want without the wait! If your gag bag is full, you will be unable to pick gags off the tree.

Damage bonuses

Gag Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7
Toon up +1 +1 +3 +4 +7 +12 +21
Trap +1 +2 +3 +5 +7 +18 +19
Sound +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +5 +9
Squirt +1 +1 +1 +2 +3 +8 +10
Throw +1 +1 +1 +2 +4 +10 +12
Drop +1 +1 +3 +4 +6 +17 +18

All bonuses if gag skill is maxed.

An organic trap door will destroy a level 7 cog.
An organic creme pie will destroy a level 5 cog.
An organic birthday cake will destroy a lured level 11 cog with lure damage bonus.
An organic wedding cake will destroy an unlured level 10 cog or a lured level 11 cog with lure damage bonus.
An organic toontanic will destroy a row of unlured level 11 cogs.
An organic train will destroy a row of level 12 cogs.

To plant a tree you must do a little preparation. You need the gag on you to plant the tree. Also to plant the higher level gag tree, you must plant the preceding lower level gags first. So if you want that level 7 drop “Toontanic” tree, you’ll need to plant all the preceding drop gags in order first. In essence, this limits you to only one level 7 gag tree since there are only 8 tree spots. For young toons, you can plant all your gags but as you gain more gag skill you’ll need to decide which gag track will be your organic gag track.

Once you’ve decided which gags to use, just walk up to one of the tree mounds. A menu will appear in the upper left corner.

Click the Plant Tree button. This will bring up your gag menu.

Only the gags you can plant will be highlighted. Click one and your toon will start shoveling. A tiny thirsty sapling appears. The gag you used will vanish. A sign by the tree reminds you what gag this tree will produce.

A tree will take (3 x the level of the gag you used to plant) days to grow and bear fruit. So a level 1 cupcake tree takes 3 days to grow while a level 7 wedding cake tree takes 21 days to grow. You receive your organic bonus the day before the tree matures.

Only the owner can plant trees around his own house. Other toons living on the estate can only plant trees around their own house. You can tell whose trees are whose by the color of the sign by the tree. It will be the color of the toon’s house.


All flowers and trees need to be watered to continue to live and grow.

Once you planted a tree or flower, you’ll see the dirt around the flower is a sandy color. This means it will wilt the next gardening day if you don’t water it. The next gardening day begins Midnight Pacific time or 3 AM Eastern time no matter what time the flower or tree was planted. A wilted flower isn’t a big deal, though. Simply water it and it immediately springs to life! A wilted tree is a bigger deal. You will lose your organic bonus for the gag it produces and any of the higher level gags you have planted as well. It will take a couple days for you to regain your bonus.

Each time you water a flower or tree that hasn’t been watered fully, you will receive a watering point. As you gain points, your watering can get larger allowing you to keep your plants watered longer with less waterings.Small Watering can 0 – 100 points. Will keep plants watered 1-2 days per water
Medium Watering can 101 – 200 points. Will keep plants watered 3-4 days per water
Large Watering can 201 – 700 points. Will keep plants watered 5-6 days per water
Huge Watering can 700 – 999 points. Will keep plants watered 7-8 days per water

Number of times you can water a new plant:
Small Can - 8 (till 50 skill points), 5 (after 50 skill points)
Medium Can – 3
Large Can – 2
Huge Can – 2

You are allowed to water ALL of the plants on your estate and anybody else’s estate!

Picking Flowers

Once your flowers bloom the next day they are ready to be harvested. Approach each flower and select Pick from the menu in the upper left.

Each time you pick a flower of the highest combination you can plant, you gain 1 shovel skill point. As you gain more shovel points, you will be able to plant the next level of flowers, erect a statue, and a prettier shovel. Unfortunately, you can only pick your own flowers so you can only gain 10 shovel point a day.

Tin shovelOne bean combo 0 – 40 shoveling points
Two bean combo 41 – 80 shoveling points

Bronze shovel

Three bean combo 0 – 80 shoveling points
Four bean combo 81 – 160 shoveling points

Silver shovel

Five bean combo 0 – 160 shoveling points
Six bean combo 161 – 320 shoveling points

Gold Shovel

Seven bean combo 0 – 320 shoveling points
Eight bean combo 321 – 639 shoveling points

Once you are able to plant 8 bean flowers, more shoveling skill isn’t needed. However, if you do, you will be treated to a trumpet fanfare and confetti along with a congratulatory message.

You earn laff points when you sell new flowers you have grown and picked at the wheelbarrow. You earn one laff point when you have sold 10, 20, 30, and 40 different varieties of flowers.

Plant Statues

Once you are able to plant higher combination flowers (at 2, 4, 6, and 8 bean combos), you can plant statues. Statues are there to look pretty and show the tooniverse your gardening prowess. There are four statues which you will see in your cattlelog. If you see the “Skill too low” message, you can’t buy the statue yet. Once you buy one, Clarabelle will tell you what bean combination you need to plant the statue.

Two bean combo – Donald Statue 125 beans (2 green jellybeans to plant)
Four bean combo – Mickey Statue 250 beans (4 silver jellybeans to plant)
Six bean combo – Minnie Fountain 500 beans (6 violet jellybeans to plant)
Eight bean combo – Mickey Fountain 1000 beans (8 orange jellybeans to plant)

Happy Gardening!

Flower & Statue Recipes
One bean combos

Dandy Pansy
What-in Carnation
School Daisy

Two bean combos

Daffy Dill
Chim Pansy
Instant Carnation
Lazy Daisy
Lily Pad

Three bean combos

Summer’s Last Rose
Potsen Pansy
Hybrid Carnation
Midsummer Daisy
Tiger Lily

Four bean combos

Corn Rose
Marzi Pansy
Freshasa Daisy
Livered Lily

Five bean combos

Time and a half-o-dil
Side Carnation
Whoopsie Daisy
Chili Lily

Six bean combos
Tinted Rose
Smarty Pansy
Upsy Daisy
Silly Lily

Seven bean combos

Model Carnation
Crazy Daisy
Indubitab Lily
Car Petunia
Stinking Rose

Eight bean combos

Hazy Dazy
Dilly Lilly
Istilla Rose

Gardening is an activity available for Toons who have the Gardening Kit. After buying the Kit (once becoming a member, buy it first, even if you run out of membership, you can still use it) from the Cattlelog and removed it from you mailbox, you can now start gardening. Gardening is more than just making your estate looking great. It also helps to strenghthen your gags by planting Gag Trees. Another thing is, it also increases your laff points by 4. To start gardening, just go check the Cattlelog (in your Toon's house by walking to the phone) and search for the Gardening Kit. Make sure you have at least 50 jellybeans. Important ItemsEditWheelbarrow

Your main tools to garden is the Shovel and the Watering Can. The shovel is mainly used for digging up sand and burrying jellybeans and gags to grow. The watering can waters your growing plants to keep them strong and healthy. You don't want any wilting plants. But it's easy to have them go back to normal, just water them and they will grow back (flowers automatically come back to life, trees takes a few days to grow back). The wheelbarrow is used to sell your flowers and earn some jellybeans. It is located near the yellow house by an area full of sand.

There is a way to get better tools. All you have to do is increase your tool points by that amount. This matter is similar to Gag Skill Points, except it reverts back to 0 (zero) rather than continuing on where you left off.

Shovel Skill PointsEdit
Shovel Type First Level Second Level
Tin 0-40 ~ 1 Bean 41-80 ~ 2 Beans
Bronze 0-80 ~ 3 Beans 81-160 ~ 4 Beans
Silver 0-160 ~ 5 Beans 161-320 ~ 6 Beans
Gold 0-320 ~ 7 Beans 321-639 ~ 8 Beans

Note: Once you obtain a new shovel level, you'll be able to plant new flowers. After obtaining a higher level for the Shovel Skill Points, you can no longer earn points when gathering lower bean flowers.

Ex: 3 Bean Shovel gathering 2 Bean Flowers = No Shovel Point
7 Bean Shovel gathering 7 Bean Flowers = 1 Shovel Point Points
Watering Can Skill PointsEdit
This article or section is outdated. Please help Toontown Wiki by correcting it!

Points Required Times can be watered
Days Per Water Amount of times can be watered
Small Start 2-4 per water 5
Medium 100 6-8 per water 3
Large 200 10-12 per water 2
Huge 400 14-16 per water 2

Obtaining a new Watering Can makes watering much quicker and easier. Each time you water the same plant, the days for each water add up.

Ex: Small Can waters 2 times = 2 Days before drying up.
Gag TreesEditGag Trees are not regular trees that grow fruits and other things. Instead, it grows gags! These Gag Trees can strenghten your Gags to defeat those nasty Cogs! Some Plant a Gag herePlant a Gag MenuToon Planting a GagA gag is beginning to grow - Don't forget to waterGag Trees are fully-grown2 of 5Add photoOrganic Gags overpower some Cogs when they weren't able to destroy it in one hit. Other Gags just makes it easier. You can plant just about any Gag. But first, you must plant the first level of the Gag Track.
Ex: You must plant a level 1 Bike Horn before you can plant a level 2 Whistle and so on...
NOTE: If you remove the lower level Gags, like Bike Horn, the Gag level of the same Gag track will remove the organic boost, Whistle and so on. So it's impossible to have two organic level 7 Gags but possible to have two level 7 Gags: inorganic and organic.

Gag Tree GrowthEdit
Gags need to grow before they can obtain Organic Status. The strong level 7 Gags, like the Geyser, takes a couple weeks to grow. The weak level 1 Gags, like the Flower Pot, takes only a couple days to grow.

Gag Level Days before Gags Grow Days before Organic
1 3 Days 2 Days
2 6 Days 5 Days
3 9 Days 8 Days
4 12 Days 11 Days
5 15 Days 14 Days
6 18 Days 17 Days
7 21 Days 20 Days

Gags become organic a day before the tree is fully grown with gags.

Organic BonusEdit
The Organic bonus helps your Gags become stronger than normal. It boosts all Gags (except for Lure) with a 10% bonus rounded down. It is also useful for Uber-Toons. Although the boost isn't always useful, it can sometimes bring the Gag to a whole new level. Check here to see what Gags have great benefits from being organic.


Gag Toon Up + Bonus
Feather 10+1
Megaphone 18+1
Lipstick 30+3
Bamboo Cane 45+4
Pixie Dust 70+7
Juggling Balls 120+12
High Dive 210+21


Gag Damage + Bonus
Banana Peel 12+1
Rake 20+2
Marbles 35+3
Quicksand 50+5
Trapdoor 70+7
TNT 180+18
Railroad 195+19

Lure gags increase the accuracy from low to medium, but does not affect the number of rounds that the lure lasts.

Gag Damage + Bonus
Bike Horn 4+1
Whistle 7+1
Bugle 11+1
Aoogah 16+1
Elephant Trunk 21+2
Fog Horn 50+5
Opera Voice 90+9

Gag Damage + Bonus
Cupcake 6+1
Fruit Pie Slice 10+1
Cream Pie Slice 17+1
Whole Fruit Pie 27+2
Whole Cream Pie 40+4
Birthday Cake 100+10
Wedding Cake 120+12

Gag Damage + Bonus
Squirting Flower 4+1
Glass of Water 8+1
Squirt Gun 12+1
Seltzer Bottle 21+2
Fire Hose 30+3
Storm Cloud 80+8
Geyser 105+10

Gag Damage + Bonus
Flower Pot 10+1
Sandbag 18+1
Anvil 30+3
Big Weight 45+4
Safe 60+6
Grand Piano 170+17
Toontanic 180+18

Note: The only organic gag that can destroy a level 12 cog in one hit is the Railroad gag with a damage of 214, when a level 12's health bar is at 200.

StatuesEditThere are 2 types of statues: Disney Character Statues(the main ones & toon statue) and Holiday Statues.Plant a Statue hereDonald Statue - 125 BeansMickey Statue - 250 BeansMinnie Statue - 500 beansMickey Fountain Statue - 1000 beansToon Statue - 5000 Beans4 of 6Add photoAt the beginning, you won't have access to planting a statue until a certain requirement has been made. This list shows what bean shovel you must have:

Disney Statues:

Donald - have the 2 bean shovel
Mickey - have the 4 bean shovel
Minnie Fountain - have the 6 bean shovel
Mickey Fountain - have the 8 bean shovel
Toon Statue - max out the shovel track with 639/639 Gold Shovel
Holiday Statues:

These statues come during the holidays. They only need one shovel point required to be planted.
Maximizing GardeningEditSince flowers only grow at midnight (Pacific time), it is based on time and dedication. Each day, you plant, pick, and sell flowers. Everyday, you can receive 10 shovel points. After midnight (Pacific time), a new day starts and that means the flowers have grown. It takes exactly 1199 points to fully max out gardening. But it will only take approximately 4 months to finish (if it is done daily).

The Flower Species are based on real-life flower names.
They are given Toontown names to be more "silly".
There are 9 Jellybean colors, but only 8 are used for flowers. The Silver Bean is used to plant items on the grey brick.
Gag Organic will not show until you visit your home. After a number of days, your Gag will not be organic yet, so visit your Toon Estate.
Wilting Flowers revert to their original state after being watered. Trees take a few days to revert back to normal.
The Lily Species have a repeating combo. An example would be the Chili Lily - Cyan, then 4 Reds. The Dilly Lilly has more of a pattern - Cyan, Blue, 2 Yellows and repeat.
It would only take 119.9 days to finish Gardening, just earn 10 points everyday.
This is the only time-based activity which requires the plants to grow for a certain amount of days.
You can consider Racing as time-based as Grand Prix is only available on Mondays and the Silly Saturdays which some trophies can only be obtained via Grand Prix.
Lure is the only Gag that can't increase the rounds when organic. Instead it increases the Accuracy.
It is also the only one that has a changed in accuracy: from low to medium.
Sound Gags, not counting Lure, are the only Gags not to increase damage over +10, when organic. The Opera Singer can deal a damage of 90+9.
Opera Singer can never deal a damage over 99 alone.
There are four different Toon Statues: Wave, Gratitude, Authority, and Embrace.
When becoming a non-member after purchasing a gardening kit before, you can still garden.
Non-members are restricted in doing gardening, if they haven't bought the gardening kit when they were a member.
You can have two level 7 Gag trees (as there are eight spots to plant), but only one Gag Track is going to be organic.
If a Toon plants all seven Gags in a Gag Track and removes all other Gags except the level 7 Gag, the Toon will have seven other spots to plant, which is enough for another Gag Track.
Since Gag trees can only be harvested when all the preceding Gags are planted, only the level 7 Gag with every other Gag in that Gag Track can be harvested Dandy Pansy Orange
Laff-o-dil Green
Lily of the Alley Cyan
School Daisy Yellow
What-in-Carnation Pink
2 Beans
Chim Pansy Orange Cyan
Daffy Dill Green Cyan
Instant Carnation Pink Yellow
Lazy Daisy Yellow Red
Lily Pad Cyan Green
3 Beans
Hybird Carnation Pink Red Red
Midsummer Daisy Yellow Red Green
Potsen Pansy Orange Red Red
Summer's Last Rose Red Red Red
Tiger Lily Cyan Orange Orange
4 Beans
Corn Rose Red Yellow Orange Yellow
Freshasa Daisy Yellow Red Cyan Orange
Giraff-o-dill Green Pink Yellow Yellow
Livered Lilly Cyan Orange Orange Pink
Marzi Pansy Orange Orange Yellow Yellow Red
5 Beans
Chili Lily Cyan Red Red Red Red
Onelip Violet Red Blue Violet Violet
Side Carnation Pink Red Green Blue Red
Time and a Half-O-Dil Green Pink Blue Pink Pink
Whoopsie Daisy Yellow Red Orange Orange Orange
6 Beans
Silly Lily Cyan Red Violet Violet Violet Violet
Smarty Pansy Orange Pink Pink Orange Blue Pink
Tinted Rose Red Pink Orange Red Orange Pink
Twolip Violet Red Red Red Violet Violet
Ups Daisy Yellow Blue Cyan Violet Blue Blue
7 Beans
Car Petunia Blue Violet Blue Violet Cyan Blue Blue
Crazy Daizy Yellow Green Red Orange Green Green Green
Indubitab Lily Cyan Violet Cyan Blue Cyan Blue Blue
Model Carnation Pink Green Green Green Green Yellow Green
Stinking Rose Red Cyan Orange Pink Violet Cyan Cyan
8 Beans
Dilly Lily Cyan Blue Yellow Yellow Cyan Blue Yellow Yellow
Hazy Daisy Yellow Blue Violet Cyan Violet Red Orange Violet
Istilla Rose Red Blue Violet Violet Blue Blue Pink Blue
Platoonia Blue Pink Pink Blue Red Orange Yellow Yellow
Threelip Violet Yellow Yellow Violet Yellow Orange Violet Ye

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